GEOLAB XP Analysis Laboratory

GeolabXP is an independent analytical laboratory founded in 2018 by Vanuatu Bijouterie in collaboration with Thomas Boyer.
GeolabXP started as a gemology, geology, volcanology & mineralogy laboratory aiming to provide testing & analyzing services to local businesses and private sector.
The increasing demand from various government agencies, aid donors and private companies for testing and analyzing wide range of materials and substances in many fields (industry, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, customs, energy, health, compliance, forensic, environment protection and more), led to the expansion of GeolabXP analysis division.
Over the past 3 years, GeolabXP, using latest analytical software & access to multiple databases, developed proprietary methods and technologies that guarantees GeolabXP’s ability to analyze, identify and quantify a wide variety of substances, importantly, unknown powders, pills, liquids, gases, pastes, metals, rocks, plastics, chemicals, fuels, oils/lubricants, foods items and other organic items.
GeolabXP is constantly examining and developing new proprietary technology and models to increase accuracy of the various test results.
GeolabXP analyzing methods are based primarily on non-destructive, modern, high technology instruments, exploiting the whole electromagnetic spectrum, from low frequency (TLF <3Hz) through radio waves to gamma rays.

Vanuatu, being an island nation is heavily dependent on importation of products from various origins. It is imperative for Vanuatu to be able to conduct random & specific tests to confirm the authenticity and safety of imported items that might have been mislabeled at origin or deteriorated during the long transportation period.

Many of Vanuatu existing standards are not being adhered to due to the lack of testing capabilities to confirm product specifications. Private sector companies are negatively affected by low quality products labelled misleadingly to allow for more competitive pricing or higher profit margins by misinformed or dishonest companies. This problem is known to exist in various fields from pharmaceutical and food through infrastructure, energy and everything in between.

To supervise & enforce compliance in the different sectors, a mandatory, affordable and timely service to test and confirm that the supplied products and services comply with local and international requirements.

Vanuatu government is actively supporting the local industry to expand product range and to comply with domestic and international standard. The increased local production will contribute significantly to Vanuatu’s economy by way of improved FX trade balance due to increased export, reduce dependency on imported products, increase wellbeing of the people by being better able to inspect and supervise locally made and imported products.

To be able to achieve these goals and remain competitive in both domestic and international markets, Vanuatu needs to be able to conduct specific tests and provide internationally accepted reports to local companies, overseas clients, aid donors and government agencies. Examples of these tests include: available minerals/CHNOS in soil samples, food quality and safety, nutritional content/food labelling, water quality and composition, pesticide and trace contaminants in water and food, MOSH & MOAH, organics in soil, Phyto certificate and many more.

The Vanuatu Bureau of Standards (VBS) is mandated, among other responsibilities to confirm that exporters and importers consistently comply with quality, safety and other relevant standards.

To allow VBS to make better use of their resources GeolabXP will be providing significantly cheaper and faster test results vs the current practice of shipping of samples to overseas labs or not conducting the test due to technical, procedural, or financial reasons.

GeolabXP is targeted to become an independent laboratory providing wide range of analysis services to government agencies & private sector.

GeolabXP will offer equal training & certification opportunities to any gender for laboratory operation, remote sample collection and field analysis.